For Writers

We occasionally consider unsolicited submissions for OtherWords pieces. Contact us at if you’d like to submit an op-ed for consideration after reading the basic guidelines listed here.


We’re interested in a broad array of subjects of general political or social concern, particularly those that relate to stories in the news. (However, since we publish only weekly, news items should have a shelf life of at least a week.)


The op-eds we run typically are between 450 and 650 words long. Please aim for 600 words.


OtherWords licenses its content through Creative Commons, using an “Attribution-No Derivatives Work” license. This allows others to share the content but requires attribution and does not allow for derivative works (others may not alter, transform, or build upon the work). We believe this protects the interests of our writers while allowing for the maximum flexibility in distributing content.


After publication on OtherWords, pieces are distributed to lists of hundreds of U.S. newspapers and news media outlets, all of which have full permission to republish it. You’re also welcome to republish your own submission after it’s run on OtherWords, with a simple attribution to


Many of our readers live in America’s heartland and aren’t activists or policy excerpts. So please express yourself in clear, jargon-free language, and give readers the context they need to understand your point of view.


We don’t consider any op-eds that have run previously other major newspaper syndicates. We will consider on a case-by-case basis commentaries that have run previously on the Web.


We edit contributions to ensure consistency with our editorial style and mission, but we make every effort to discuss any changes collaboratively with authors prior to publication.

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