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Congress Finds the Key to Bipartisanship

The new Farm Bill cuts food aid to poor families.

Karen Dolan

You think bipartisan support is rare?
Not when there’s cuts to poor people in there.

The Farm Bill again cuts nutrition assistance
And barely got any liberal resistance.

More subsidies to support the Big Farmer
Gets a signature from Barack Obama.



Among other things, Karen Dolan is the Institute for Policy Studies’ deadline poet.

  • Richard DB

    The bill provides a financial cushion for farmers who face unpredictable
    weather and market conditions. But the bulk of its nearly $100
    billion-a-year cost is for the food stamp program, which aids 1 in 7

    • KarenIPS

      Yes, this bill cuts food assistance to 850,000 hungry children, elderly and disabled people. And SNAP has proven to be a great economic stimulus with excellent returns to the system, thus having benefit beyond providing critical nutrition assistance to millions in need.

  • kevinzeese

    Or funding the military, or bailing out Wall Street – when we hear ‘bi-partisanship’ we know we’re in trouble.