Declaring Victory in Afghanistan

It's time to get the heck out of that graveyard of empires.

Declaring Victory in Afghanistan, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

Declaring Victory in Afghanistan, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

Khalil Bendib is OtherWords’ cartoonist.

  • taopower

    The great US Idiot warmonger cannot learn from history

  • Jarrod smith

    We will win in afghanistan. The Taliban will lose. We went to afghanistan to kill or capture bin Laden, destroy the Al-Qaeda training camps in afghanistan, destroy the Taliban government that had almost complete control of Afghanistan, and build a free government in Afghanistan. ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN ACHIEVED BY AMERICA!!!!! We achieved all of our goals for the Afghan war. America pretty much won already. That’s a fact. Your opinion about the war is irrelevant. Facts are facts. This cartoonist has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Estimos

      The are the one who doesn’t know what he is talking about, you get your “facts” from the jew-run media, we get the facts from THE SCENE.

    • KAA

      A Raspberrrrrrrrry!!!!! to you!

  • joabkunin

    omg, we did what we came for, the gas pipelihne is a done deal we probably gotr a mess of uranium and other precious srtuff, and the cia and shadow economy must have the heroin traffic that helps prop them up, so yea mission accomplished but we still have to feed the machine which means they will have to compromise on immunity for U.S. Troops for wrongdoings . . .

  • Qasim

    When ever there is a blast on the surface of the earth, it may kill any side of the confronting parties. But one thing is for sure that that part of the surface is the worst sufferer of that blast (Battle/War) and this is what happened in Afghanistan.
    USA achieved Her tactical goals, no doubts but heavily damaged on the Economic front.
    Al-Qaeda has been screwed, no doubts but largely introduced internationally
    And those who are living in a fools paradise that Afghanistan is a GraveYard of Empires are sorry to say sadly mistaken.
    Those (Talibs – Al-Qaeeda) who claim they are defending Afghanistan are actually screwing it and the integrity of the Pakhtuns and now internationally people are against these Al-Qaeda Rats and this opinion is from the Muslims (educated & mature ones)
    I am a Muslim and i am anti Al-Qaeda as Islam never allows you to kill a human for no reason and these guys who are good in human traffic and drugs smuggling have no right to call themselves Islamic Warriors (Jihadis), they have no religion and basically paid warriors who kill & run for the interest of big fishes (and that is a different discussion)

  • Csibi Attila

    graveyard of empires??


    • KAA

      DUH!!!! what are you laughing about. Read the history of this country and you will find out that all aggressors has been buried here. Alexander’s Army Generals, to Gengis Khan, to British, to Russians and now the NATO (40 Countries) who on their back heels. Who laughs now

      • Csibi Attila

        the country and it’s people has been raped by invaders for hundreds of yeas. empires fall. and when they fell, they pulled out of Afghanistan. oh….and it wasn’t Afghanistan that made them fall. that’s just afghani delusion validated by anti soviet, american propaganda.

        • KAA

          You obviously are more delusional than anyone else. Agressors might have attempted to RAPE the country and its people. However they abusers become abused (best example annihilation of British Army, Dr. Bryden) read little my child!!!! Secondly, empires just don’t fall flat on their bottoms someone has to give them a push. if you read history you will learn a bit more. Go to ancient libraries and you might find the letter that alexander wrote to her mother. Recent history it was Afghanistan the made the British Empire fall in early 1900 and the Russians in the late 1900. You sound to be brainwashed poor kid.

          • Csibi Attila

            i’m not the brainwashed. you’re the nationalist. Defeating a few patrols and small expeditionary forces that are cut from the rest of the empire due to the remoteness of the region does not mean you forced the empire to fall.

            Just like the Teutoburg forest battle didn’t cause the Roman Empire to collapse. also the population got brutalized in the meantime. Soviets alone killed millions of afghanis and when they left, the Soviet imposed government still stood for 8 more years. That’s not a great victory against an empire and definitely not something to be proud about.

            Afghanistan story is more like Empires raped the country, used it as a proxy to fight their wars, but didn’t find it valuable enough to build it up into a meaningful colony or ally (like Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc) until wars with other great powers, poor leadership and corruption bankrupted the Empires, which in the end pulled out their forces, leaving the medieval uneducated afghani that survived up to this point thinking. Oh… we defeated them, they collapsed because of the great holly war against our greatness” .

            PS last time I checked. americans are still in the country and will be until they feel it necessary.

          • KAA

            You are a laughing stock with your puny Ideas. I am a nationalist I love my country I am proud of my history we were a big empire in the region, we colonised India ruled it for over 200 years and BUILT it. So many great cities and land marks are named after the Afghan kings in India. You don’t understand the message I am trying to convey. Afghans are good at defeating foreigners but are worse in getting along with each other that’s the fact and the cause of our rise and falls. You call us uneducated I don’t know which country you come from but just to tell you we are one of the oldest civilisation on earth. (check the link # 15 is Balkh city of Afghanistan)


            We knew things and did things centuries before you learned what it means to let your women go out and work and not make them wear padlocked metal underwear (Chastity Belt), with the key deposited with the town priest (the same priest who raped their children)


            You are brainwashed because you don’t know no shit about us. You only are presenting a picture that you get from BBC or CNN.

            There is no doubt that we have defeated uneducated crusaders and have set them on their heels. Our geopolitical location obviously makes us a place in the crossroad of empires and they have fought their face to face or proxy wars here. But one thing is for sure when the brave and proud nation of Afghan has had enough of them they rose against them and annihilated them (listen to your grandfather Dr Brydon he tells you the tale of how we slaughter our enemies).
            The Americans are there as the Afghans won’t let them out this easily. They created Taliban and Al-Qaeda and it was their plan, to defeat Russian and later to defame Islam, which has now been sabotaged by Pakistan and Pakistan is raping them (the Americans and the west) nine ways. But poor you crusaders cant don nothing about it because Pakistan has Atomic bomb. Afghans are telling the Americans that deal with the mess you created in this country, we cant let you out with dignity either you agree to stay here to clean up the mess you created in our country and now dropped it in our backyard (Pakistan) or you will leave with an undignified flee which will reveal your impotence to the world and the Russians will get ready to rape you nightwise days.

          • Csibi Attila

            didn’t read. let me guess way to much nationalist we’re the best despite not achieving anything besides civil war in the last 4000 years BS.

            Americans are still in Afghanistan and the afghan leadership are in their back pocket. meanwhile, the ”glorious freedom fighters” pretty much all got killed and more young uneducated fools will go through the grinder into their deaths. such an impressive fighting force. AAAHAHAHAHAAA! Not! they haven’t won a battle in the decade they fought against the West. pf… losers

          • KAA

            Well you are simply STUPID racist! We are glorious we have glorious history what have you got stateless, nameless, Chastity Belt wearing puny animal?

          • Csibi Attila

            glorious my but. the first time you had free elections was when US/NATO occupied your country and stabilized it enough so voters don’t get massacred by some jealous warlord. America owns you.

            chastity belt? please! i don’t roll like that. in fact, i had sex with a muslim girl from Uzbekistan. chastity belt… ha!

          • KAA

            As I said you simply are stupid and now you proved it. My honor, religion and pride does not allow me to engage in debate with stupid people. My religion teaches me that I should not engage in debates with people below my intellectual level and you proved your inferiority so I say peace!

          • Csibi Attila

            your religion was made up by a pedophile and it caused the rape and deaths of millions. you have no honor. your gut tells you to run.

        • KAA
        • KAA
        • KAA

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