Letting the Sun Shine on the Kochs

The rich brothers are steaming mad at homeowners who put solar panels on their own houses.

Letting the Sun Shine on the Koch Brothers, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Khalil Bendib is OtherWords’ cartoonist.

  • JRT256

    You, of course since you are a Leftist, have it wrong. The Koch Brothers are only against the subsidies for homeowners that put solar on their roofs.

    • Richard Duffy

      Just like the rest of us are against subsidies for billion dollar oil companies. Boo hop Koch Brothers. It’s time the rest of us got subsidies!

    • Pavel Lihani

      Wrong. They are against solar panels themselves, because if you have solar panels, you are paying less to dirty coal burning electricity providers, and that takes money right out of their pockets. And to add insult to monetary injury, my electricity supplier has a green option, so when I do buy electricity from the grid, the money goes to a wind generated electricity provider, not to a dirty coal burning company. I hope that the Koch brothers are good and pissed at me, because I love my solar panels!