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Poverty on the March

Congress has also greased the skids for American jobs to skitter overseas, and for employers here to import both high- and low-skilled workers to siphon off jobs from domestic payrolls. In the name of thrift, it has chiseled as well on unemployment, food stamps, housing, child care, and most other social services. Only military expenditures have spiraled upward unimpeded.

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Austerity Won’t Restore our Prosperity

In case you haven’t heard, the economy is not in great shape–10 percent unemployment, home foreclosures soaring, the national debt exploding. And the future looks worse. Some people think inflation is on the way; others think it’s going to be deflation, a condition in which your money is worth a little more, but you have a lot less of it.

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Offshoring America’s Legal Jobs

Maybe you’re one of the thousands of young lawyers in America working in some low-skill, part-time job because law firms have cut so many of the starting positions you were educated to take. If so, I have good news: Jobs for young lawyers are now mushrooming in companies that provide legal services to U.S. corporations.

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Jobs Emergency

It’s been two years since the Lehman Brothers collapse set off a global financial meltdown. The government bailed out big Wall Street banks and they’re now making bumper earnings. Major corporations are sitting on $8 trillion in cash reserves, the biggest pile since 1963.

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