Environment and Health

An Unprecedented Attack from Polluters

As a new mother, it breaks my heart when I hear stories from parents who are struggling with their kids’ health problems. I know parents who live in fear of their child’s next asthma attack. Some can’t even let their kids play outside when local air pollution hits dangerous levels. We do everything we can to protect our kids, even before they’re born.

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Our Corporate Courts

In its effort to scuttle President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform, the right wing has gone court shopping. They’ve filed their cases in the courts of judges who are known to be ideologically hostile to government regulation of health care corporations.

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Key Hand Sanitizer Ingredient May Cause More Harm than Good

Every year, U.S. consumers spend an estimated $1 billion on household and personal care products to shield themselves from a host of unseen germs. Yet many items marketed for their so-called “anti-bacterial” properties contain an ingredient perhaps more insidious than the microorganisms they’re designed to combat: triclosan.

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Climate Change is Here to Stay

It wasn’t long ago that climate change was all the rage. Newspaper headlines were touting the Kyoto Protocol. Scientists and citizens alike were discussing Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Individuals were offering personal pledges of reform. Folks were downright scared.

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