Food and Farming

Thanks for Nothing, Monsanto

Monsanto Corp. became a veritable Frankenstein in the 1990s, genetically engineering new organisms in an effort to fool Mother Nature for fun and profit. But Momma got mad–and now she’s kicking Monsanto’s butt all across the country.

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Safe Food, from Soil to Plate

Americans need to adopt a broader approach to evaluating the quality of their food, from soil to plate. We must consider the integrity of the overall production process in addition to evaluating the immediate safety of the food that reaches the consumer. While outbreaks and hospitalizations grab headlines, there are unseen other costs to our current production system.

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Child Hunger and Obesity: A Double-Edged Sword

When it comes to our children’s nutrition, we’re currently confronted with a double-edged sword. On one hand, we face a growing epidemic of child obesity that’s harming both our kids’ health and their quality of life. Even as adult obesity has doubled in recent years, we’ve seen child obesity triple. And from the very worthwhile efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama to draw attention to this issue to the recent report which found that 27 percent of young adults are too overweight to serve in the military, this trend has rightfully been much publicized.

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