Hobby Lobby’s position is really quite dubious:
Using God to get into your uterus.

It’s needling its way into women’s health.
It’s crafting strategies religiously stealth.

PFAW-SCOTUS-Eric E Johnson

Eric E Johnson/Flickr

The company’s lawyers tell SCOTUS this amounts to abortion,
And conservative justices believe the distortion.

Hobby Lobby paints a picture really quite laughable —
Arguing that Christians are really irrational.

In fact, nearly all U.S. women of the Christian persuasion
Employ contraception on many occasions.

So Hobby Lobby stop your hairsplitting,
And go back to your sewing, scrapbooking, and knitting.


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Karen DolanBy

Among other things, Karen Dolan is the Institute for Policy Studies’ deadline poet. IPS-dc.org