We’re hearing a lot about “parents rights” these days — usually from politicians who want to ban books, censor teachers, rewrite school curricula, run LGTBQ kids out of town, and worse.

As a parent myself, I have to say that none of these things makes me feel better about sending my kid out in the world — in fact, it’s just the opposite.

This week in OtherWords, my colleague Karen Dolan says I’m not alone. She takes a look at the so-called “parents rights” agenda and offers polling data showing that it’s pretty much the opposite of what most people in this country want. “A real Parents’ Bill of Rights,” she says, “would help working parents make ends meet, protect the rights of their kids regardless of their race, gender, or sexuality, and actually do something about gun violence — the leading killer of kids nationwide.”

Also this week, Nijmie Dzurinko reports on the silent but devastating “unwinding” of Medicaid, a process that’s jeopardizing affordable health care coverage for some 15 million Americans. This story needs to get a lot more attention, so don’t miss it.

Finally, attorney Mitchell Zimmerman unpacks Donald’s Trump first, but perhaps not last, indictment. And cartoonist Khalil Bendib has some fun with the latest revelations about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who apparently accepted many lavish gifts from a billionaire who — you can’t make this up — collects Nazi memorabilia.

New This Week…

A Parents Bill of Rights for the Rest of Us | Karen Dolan
The book bans, censorship, and attacks on LGBTQ kids that the GOP calls “parents rights” are way out of step with American families.

Trump’s Al Capone Moment | Mitchell Zimmerman
The former president’s charges for falsifying business records don’t begin to capture the scale of his lawlessness. But they’re still worth pursuing.

Medicaid Cutoffs: An American Horror Story | Nijmie Dzurinko
Some 15 million Americans on Medicaid are now being thrown off the program. No elected official should stand for this.

Cartoon: The Supreme Courtesan | Khalil Bendib
Of course Clarence Thomas took lavish trips with a billionaire with interests before the Court who collects Nazi memorabilia.

In Case You Missed It…

Howard Schultz: Union Buster in Chief | Sonali Kolhatkar
The Starbucks CEO has stepped down. His legacy? The destruction of an iconic brand with sloppy, sleazy union busting.

Student Debt Forgiveness Is a Win-Win for Our Country | Gabriela Sandoval
The majority of us support debt relief, but lobbyist-backed lawsuits are holding back Americans from achieving a better life.

Many Are Falling Short Chasing the American Dream | Chaila R. Scott
My story shows what many already know: you can “do everything right” and still end up in financial uncertainty.

Stop This Corporate Child Abuse | Jim Hightower
There’s nothing wrong with teens working part-time. But some corporations are willfully — and illegally — putting young kids into harm’s way.

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