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In Case You Missed It…

The Triumph and Tragedy of the Olympic Refugee Team | Phyllis Bennis
It’s beautiful that there’s an Olympic team for 82 million displaced people. But have we accepted mass displacement as the new normal?

To Save the Planet, We Need to Demilitarize Police | Shea Leibow
Even with climate disasters all around us, nonviolent environmental demonstrations face fierce police repression. Why?

Rural Towns Deserve Better Than Prison Jobs | Robert P. Alvarez
Rural prison towns need jobs. There are better ones than guarding people in cages.

Farm Workers Are Dying. Blame Our Exploitative Food System. | Jill Richardson
Our food system is built on exploited labor — a problem that’s getting worse as the climate changes. What’s the solution?

The Jobs Bill Must Protect DACA Holders | Sonali Kolhatkar
Republicans are still attacking undocumented young people — including health care workers. Here’s how to protect them for good.

The Mom and Pop Tax Break | Domenica Ghanem
This month, millions of U.S. parents will get direct deposits in their bank accounts. There’s no catch.

The Billionaire Space Race Is a Wake-Up Call | Sam Pizzigati
Bored billionaires want tax breaks to escape a planet they helped pollute. Should we even let them back?

Rein In Private Equity Before It Destroys More Jobs | Elisa McCartin
The Hufcor plant in Janesville, Wisconsin was profitable before investors gobbled it up. Now it’s the latest highway robbery by private equity.

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