After a long, hard battle, Joe Biden and congressional Democrats finally won a big legislative victory — the Inflation Reduction Act, a smartly branded package that makes big investments in jobs, climate, and health care. It’s funded entirely by taxes on corporations and the wealthy and will actually reduce the deficit.

But as a product of compromise, there’s lots of room for improvement. This week in OtherWords, Karen Dolan explains why the new deal is generally good news — but also where it needs to go further in the future.

Also this week, Alondra Trevizo, a young first generation Kansan, reflects on the complexity of politics in her generally conservative state, where abortion rights supporters just won a referendum in a landslide. And she makes a clear case that abortion rights are a political winner nationwide.

Finally, Jim Hightower skewers the professional golfers taking huge sums from the rights-abusing Saudi regime.

New This Week…

Biden’s Inflation Bill Is (Mostly) Good News for People and the Planet | Karen Dolan
But it needs to be a first step, not the last.

Kansas Proved That Abortion Rights Can Win in Red States | Alondra Trevizo
Conservatives value their constitutional rights — and young progressives are highly motivated by abortion. Are Democrats listening?

Fore! Pro Golfers Are Selling Out to a Murderous Regime | Jim Hightower
The Saudis are buying the marquee names of a few golfers for a sports spectacle, hoping to distract attention from their depravity.

All Guns, No Butter | Khalil Bendib
Seems like the checkbook always comes out quicker for war.

In Case You Missed It…

Anti-Abortion Extremism Is Scaring Voters. It Should. | Mitchell Zimmerman
As conservative Kansas just showed, most voters simply don’t want politicians making personal medical decisions for them.

The Great Migration Failed to Bridge the Racial Wealth Divide. What’s Next? | Dedrick Asante-Muhammad and Briana Shelton
Real and lasting economic opportunities for Black families will come only through a serious national reckoning on race.

Remembering Bill Collins | Peter Certo
The OtherWords founder was a small-city mayor who traveled the world, an Army veteran who hated war, and above all a devoted citizen.

Climate Change Threatens the Most Iconic U.S. Landscapes | Farrah Hassen
Joshua trees are disappearing, glaciers are melting, wetlands are flooding. Can the threat to our parks — and the wonder they inspire — lead to action?

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