On Wednesday, President Biden took the huge step of cancelling up to $20,000 in student debt for working and middle-class borrowers. We’ll have some valuable perspectives to offer on that very soon.

Canceling student debt will befit tens of millions of ordinary people, but it’s an usual step for the federal government. This week in OtherWords, Rakeen Mabud takes aim at a much more common policy that has the opposite impact: interest rate hikes. With inflation hitting 0 percent in July, she argues that it’s time to put that blunt instrument away and focus on the supply chain issues, conflicts, and plain old greed that have driven prices up.

Meanwhile, Farrah Hassen reports on the heartbreaking conditions in Afghanistan, where almost everyone in the country is malnourished. Unfortunately, she explains, U.S. policies intended to curb the Taliban are actually making things much worse. She argues they need to be reversed as soon as possible.

Also this week, Jim Hightower marvels at the Chick-fil-A franchise that tried to pay workers in sandwiches.

New This Week…

You Can’t Fix the Economy by Hurting People | Rakeen Mabud
We can have a strong job market and lower inflation — and we don’t need more painful interest rate hikes to do it.

End the Collective Punishment of Afghans | Farrah Hassen
With innocent Afghans impoverished and starving, the U.S. must return money that’s rightfully theirs.

Billion Dollar Franchises Are Paying Workers Chicken Feed | Jim Hightower
One Chick-fil-A store tried paying drive-through workers in chicken sandwiches. It didn’t go over well.

Bull in a China Shop | Khalil Bendib
The Chinese premier’s brutish approach has made a mess of the country’s delicate internal conflicts.

In Case You Missed It…

Biden’s Inflation Bill Is (Mostly) Good News for People and the Planet | Karen Dolan
But it needs to be a first step, not the last.

Kansas Proved That Abortion Rights Can Win in Red States | Alondra Trevizo
Conservatives value their constitutional rights — and young progressives are highly motivated by abortion. Are Democrats listening?

Fore! Pro Golfers Are Selling Out to a Murderous Regime | Jim Hightower
The Saudis are buying the marquee names of a few golfers for a sports spectacle, hoping to distract attention from their depravity.

Climate Change Threatens the Most Iconic U.S. Landscapes | Farrah Hassen
Joshua trees are disappearing, glaciers are melting, wetlands are flooding. Can the threat to our parks — and the wonder they inspire — lead to action?

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