The Electoral College has certified Joe Biden’s presidential victory. As this polarizing administration comes to a close, it’s worth pointing out a few fitting bookends.

Trump, Jill Richardson recalls this week, launched his bid for president in 2015 with a litany of racist lies about the alleged criminality of Mexican immigrants. Now, the most exhaustive data to date shows once more than immigrants are significantly less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans. As Jill writes, politicians have always told lies about marginalized communities. Let’s hope this one ends with Trump’s presidency.

Latino voters themselves played a significant role in ousting Trump from office, Lizet Ocampo adds this week, which should show both parties that their community deserves meaningful engagement — especially with control of the Senate still up for grabs while a brutal pandemic disproportionately hurts their community.

In another sign of transition, the U.S. is moving forward with distributing COVID-19 vaccines. Cartoonist Khalil Bendib notes the role Muslim immigrants — whom Trump once sought to ban wholesale — played in developing them.

Also this week, Thom Hartmann argues forcefully that Mitch McConnell’s stalling of COVID-19 relief to get corporations immunity from safety lawsuits should be the scandal of the year. And Jim Hightower shares his Christmas list.

We’ll get out one more newsletter this year if we can manage it. If not, let me wish you a safe and happy holiday season now. We’ll be back in the New Year.

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