We’re peeling away for the holidays now, but here are some recent favorites to tide you over until we return sometime in January — plus a new cartoon from Khalil Bendib.

From all of us here at OtherWords and the Institute for Policy Studies, here’s wishing you a safe, joyful holiday season and a happy new year.

In Case You Missed It…

Congress: Fund the Fight Against Union Busting | Tom Conway
The National Labor Relations Board makes sure employers follow the rules when workers organize, but its resources are stretched too thin.

A Year of Global Displacement | Farrah Hassen
This year’s record-breaking global displacement crisis calls for immigration policies that reflect our humanity, not cruelty.

No, State Legislatures Can’t Shred Constitutional Rights | Mitchell Zimmerman
Far-right state lawmakers say the Constitution gives them the right to stiff voters. Legal experts say that’s bogus.

We Need a Smaller Pentagon | Lindsay Koshgarian
Sorry, but we have too many other needs in this country to spend $858 billion on a department that can’t even pass an audit.

Good News for the 65 Million Americans Who Rely on Social Security | Nancy J. Altman
With their run-off victory in Georgia, Democrats now have a mandate to protect Social Security. Here’s what they need to do next.

Congress: Help Struggling Families Before It’s Too Late | Sarah Izabel
Lawmakers are considering year-end tax breaks for corporations. A little help for families like yours and mine would go much further.

No More Empty Seats At Our Holiday Tables | Ellen Glover
Overdoses took over 108,000 lives this year. If it acts quickly, Congress can save lives — and keep more loved ones together for the holidays.

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