If you’re feeling low this holiday season, you’re hardly alone. Record numbers of Americans are seeking treatment for mental health care.

But as Katie Prout writes this week in OtherWords, record numbers are also struggling to get it — especially if you’re on Medicaid. Psychiatrists were in short supply even before the pandemic, and the number of practices who take Medicaid is declining. A year in a half into a pandemic that’s seen massive deaths, unemployment, and mental illness, she asks: should we really still be tying health care to people’s employers?

Also this week, Farrah Hassen calls for a bipartisan condemnation of the attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Muslim faith, which is shared by millions of Americans and 2 billion people around the world. Sonali Kolhatkar explains why Amazon employees in Alabama are getting another union vote — and why the company owes its workers a lot more.

And Jim Hightower reflects on the corporate ownership of America’s real winter holiday — sports.

New This Week…

Mental Health Care Is Hard to Come By — Especially If You’re Low-Income | Katie Prout
Record numbers of Americans are seeking mental health care and struggling to get it. Here’s what it’s like.

Stop Normalizing Islamophobia | Farrah Hassen
Hateful attacks on Ilhan Omar and other Muslims should be forcefully condemned, regardless of partisanship.

Amazon Can’t Bust Unions Forever | Sonali Kolhatkar
Even when it’s raking in record profits, the company is trying to keep workers from earning their fair share. This time, it may not work.

Corporate Owners Are Spoiling Sports | Jim Hightower
Whatever the sport, the name of the game these days is the same: money.

Five Minutes to Midnight for U.S. Democracy | Khalil Bendib
President Biden needs to wake up.

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Blame Corporate Greed for Inflation | Sarah Baron
CEOs are taking every opportunity to further pad their own pockets. Here’s how to hold them accountable.

Prison Gerrymandering: The Modern ‘Three-Fifths Compromise’ | Robert P. Alvarez
Prisons inflate the political representation of the communities that host them — without any say from prisoners themselves.

How to Make the Holidays Happier for the Postal Service | Scott Klinger
Misguided leadership and congressional inaction could mean holiday shipping delays. Here’s how Congress can deliver relief.

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