This week, Ennedith Lopez shares a frustrating experience she had with police while peacefully demonstrating for abortion rights. She knows firsthand it isn’t always easy to speak up for reproductive health. But with Roe v. Wade on the verge of being overturned — something Americans oppose 2 to 1 — it’s more important than ever, she argues.

Also this week, Rebekah Entralgo looks at the growing push to hold Amazon accountable for the December 2021 warehouse collapse that killed six workers. And Sonali Kolhatkar looks beyond the recent Neil Young-Spotify feud to the streaming giant’s exploitative business model, which hangs artists out to dry and threatens the music so many of us love.

Finally, cartoonist Khalil Bendib offers an uncharitable look at NATO’s posturing against Russia in Ukraine.

New This Week…

We’ll Keep Fighting to Protect Our Bodily Autonomy | Ennedith Lopez
Americans oppose overturning Roe by 2 to 1. Speaking up isn’t always easy, but it’s more important than ever.

Unions Can Prevent Workplace Disasters | Rebekah Entralgo
A trillion-dollar company like Amazon, with a centi-billionaire CEO, shouldn’t have warehouses that collapse and kill workers.

Spotify’s Business Model Is Killing Music | Sonali Kolhatkar
When musicians can’t get paid fairly for their work, everyone who loves music loses.

Crying ‘NATO’ | Khalil Bendib
The crisis in Ukraine isn’t exactly the “David and Goliath” story it’s sometimes rendered as.

In Case You Missed It…

Media, Take Note: The GOP Is Now Openly Aligned Against Democracy | Peter Certo
The media has a responsibility to tell Americans that a major party now openly endorses using violence to overturn elections.

We Shouldn’t Have to Rely on the National Guard for Basic Services | Samantha Garcia
Guard members have stepped up heroically during the pandemic. If we invested in more than just the military, maybe they wouldn’t have to.

Human Rights Groups Agree: Israel Is Practicing Apartheid | Phyllis Bennis
The U.S. gives Israel’s military $3.8 billion a year. According to a new Amnesty report, that money funds apartheid.

Three Hopeful Stories of Environmental Activism | Basav Sen
It’s people vs. fossil fuels, and the people are chalking up some impressive wins.

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