This week, Democrats are grappling with whether to press ahead with their own COVID-19 relief package or to seek some consensus — by drastically reducing the scope of the effort — with their GOP colleagues.

In OtherWords, Mitchell Zimmerman says that would be a terrible idea.

Republicans, he points out, don’t simply have different ideas about how to respond to crises like the pandemic, climate change, or racial injustice. In many cases, he argues, they’ve denied — and accelerated — these problems altogether. What’s needed isn’t less partisanship, he concludes. It’s more.

Jim Hightower agrees.

Biden promised an “FDR-sized presidency,” Hightower reminds the new president (a promise cartoonist Khalil Bendib beautifully illustrates this week). That can’t just mean undoing the worst of Trump’s directives, he argues. It needs to mean engaging meaningfully with the groups who got him elected, who have the least to gain from restoring the old status quo.

On the subject of reversing those directives, other writers agree.

Domenica Ghanem offers a personal reflection on Biden’s reversal of Trump’s Muslim ban — and what needs to happen next. And Rebekah Entralgo says that Biden’s ban on renewing private federal prison contracts is a welcome step, but it needs to be expanded to include immigration detention too.

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Biden: Listen to the Outsiders | Jim Hightower
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Filling FDR’s Shoes | Khalil Bendib
Biden promised an FDR-sized presidency. Can his grow into one?

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