We’re only a few weeks into January. But if your salary is anywhere near ordinary, the typical CEO has already raked in more than you will all year. In fact, they probably did weeks ago.

Really helps you punch the clock, right? This week in OtherWords, my colleague Sarah Anderson dives into this one little statistic that explains so much about inequality in our country.

Also this week, Farrah Hassen argues that calling the arrival of refugees and asylum seekers in our country “a border crisis” keeps leading us to the wrong solutions. Paul Armentano says America needs fewer marijuana bans, not more. And Jim Hightower highlights a shocking example of apparent Supreme Court corruption.

New This Week…

America’s Inequality Problem in One Statistic | Sarah Anderson
If you work for a big corporation, your boss likely made more money on January 2 than you will this whole year.

Beyond the ‘Border Crisis’ | Farrah Hassen
Reducing a humanitarian crisis to an issue of “border security” puts real solutions out of reach.

Don’t Bring Back Pot Bans | Paul Armentano
Some politicians want to ban potent marijuana. But legalization already gives consumers the info they need to make safe, educated choices.

The Supreme Court is Corrupt and Clueless | Jim Hightower
Justices are partying at $25,000-a-head soirees with corporations that have cases before the court.

Cartoon: A Robbery in Broad Daylight | Khalil Bendib
GOP lawmakers are threatening to tank the economy unless they can rob your Social Security.

In Case You Missed It…

This MLK Day, Let’s Learn the Right Lessons from History | Svante Myrick
Dr. King was a giant, but history is also made by ordinary people standing up for what’s right. That takes all of us.

Republicans Turn to Mugging Social Security | Mitchell Zimmerman
With their Speaker circus over, the party now threatens to crash the economy unless they can slash your benefits.

Helping Students Sort Fact from Fiction | Olivia Alperstein
More schools need to teach kids how to recognize BS when they see it.

Americans Hate Book Bans | Jim Hightower
More than 7 in 10 Americans oppose these ideological efforts to put blinders on young people.

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Peter Certo

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