This pandemic has been deadliest for people with disabilities, pre-existing medical conditions, and other so-called “co-morbidities.” But instead of informing our public health response, that fact has often been used to play down the toll of the pandemic.

This week in OtherWords, Olivia Alperstein reflects on the devastating value judgments made by that approach — and makes a convincing case for putting disabled people at the center of public health decision making.

Also this week, Mitchell Zimmerman reflects on the hypocritical U.S. approach to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Farrah Hassen marks the shameful 20th anniversary of the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay with a call for President Biden to use executive action to finally close it down. And Jim Hightower makes a plug for saving America’s endangered political cartoonists — and the newspapers they enliven.

Finally, if you missed our op-ed by Ben Jealous last week calling on Congress to protect voting rights, it couldn’t be timelier this week.

New This Week…

My Disabled Life Is Worthy | Olivia Alperstein
The loss of disabled and chronically ill lives due to COVID-19 is no less tragic or preventable.

Russia Is Wrong to Bully Ukraine, But It’s Not Worth a War | Mitchell Zimmerman
Peace cannot be found if the U.S. relies on the self-righteous assertion of principles that our government refuses to apply to itself.

Gitmo’s Shameful Twentieth Anniversary | Farrah Hassen
President Biden must use his executive authority to close this sordid chapter in our nation’s history.

Save Our Endangered Cartoonists | Jim Hightower
An invaluable American species is being wiped out as their media habitat is intentionally destroyed.

Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing | Khalil Bendib
“I have a funny feeling about those two…”

In Case You Missed It…

Biden Is Rising to the Moment on Voting Rights. Can Congress? | Ben Jealous
With the legacy of the civil rights movement under threat, senators must reject the use of the filibuster to block voting rights protections.

It’s Time for Biden to Keep His Promises on Marijuana | Paul Armentano
Even without Congress, the president could take important steps to ease federal cannabis prohibition. What’s he waiting for?

Selling Out Democracy for Political Influence | Kyle Herrig
One year after January 6, corporations are once again filling the campaign coffers of politicians who tried to overthrow the last election.

Affordable Child Care is the Boost Our Economy Needs | Mary C. King
High quality child care helps parents earn more now, kids earn more later, and keeps entire communities afloat.

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