The coup attempt of January 6 was a brief, bizarre, and terrifying moment that exposed the fragility of American democracy. This week in OtherWords, we look at the shape of things a year later.

For a moment, it looked like there was a silver lining to the violence. As even Republicans condemned the Capitol riot — and the White House for instigating it — it looked briefly like the violence, conspiracy theories, and brazen contempt for democracy that had long marked the underbelly of the Trumpist movement had at last been permanently discredited.

Well, it wasn’t to be. A year out, writes John Feffer, the animating forces of the January 6 riot have been institutionalized by the Republican Party, right-wing media, and deep pocketed funders. If we want to save democracy in this country, he writes, it’s up to the rest of us now.

Speaking of those funders, a good many include corporations who loudly promised after the coup attempt to shut down their campaign contributions to members of Congress who’d enabled it. But as Kyle Herrig reports this week, many started writing big checks again only months later. Will a little sunlight get them back on track?

Finally, Robin Savannah Carver writes about what it was like actually living in D.C. during the unrest — and why it makes the case for D.C. statehood all the more pressing for the whole country.

I hope you had a good holiday and a happy New Year. Looking forward to sending you more soon!

New This Week…

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January 6 Showed Why D.C. Deserves Statehood | Robin Savannah Carver
When I think of January 6, I remember the overwhelming helplessness — a familiar feeling to residents of the capital.

The ‘Failed’ Coup? | Khalil Bendib
Did January 6 actually fail?

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