This week, with at least two infrastructure proposals are floating around Capitol Hill, Shailly Gupta Barnes offers policy makers a message from the Poor People’s Campaign: Don’t go small. Not only can we afford to make sure everyone in this country enjoys a dignified quality of life, she argues, but it will help our economy to do it.

How can we afford it? Tax attorney Bob Lord and Sarah Anderson offer one answer: by eliminating insane tax loopholes enjoyed by billionaires. This week, they look at how billionaires use professional sports teams to make millions while deducting paper losses from their taxes.

Also this week, Jill Richardson reflects on how to communicate with anti-vaxxers and other political extremists. Jim Hightower condemns the GOP governors rushing National Guard troops to the southern border. And Khalil Bendib wonders if a federal indictment of the Trump Organization is just the tip of the iceberg.

Finally, tens of millions of families will get a welcome deposit in their bank account this week as the Democrats’ expanded Child Tax Credit goes into effect. If you missed Karen Dolan’s explainer on that, I hope you’ll give it a look now.

New This Week…

Don’t Go Small on Infrastructure | Shailly Gupta Barnes
By raising taxes on the wealthy and redirecting other public resources, we can meet everyone’s needs and strengthen our economy.

Sports Teams: The ‘Everlasting Tax Shelter’ | Bob Lord and Sarah Anderson
A perverse loophole allows owners of profitable teams — and their heirs — to lower their tax bills by claiming huge paper losses.

Engaging With Extremism | Jill Richardson
It’s tragic that people die because of vaccine conspiracy theories. But the answer may be to listen, not confront.

The GOP’s Border Stunt Isn’t Helping Anyone | Jim Hightower
GOP governors are sending troops to the border, which local officials don’t want, to exploit the suffering of refugees for political gain.

Tip of the Iceberg | Khalil Bendib
A federal indictment against the Trump Organization might be just the beginning of Donald Trump’s future legal troubles.

In Case You Missed It…

Historic Relief for American Families Is on Its Way to Your Bank Account | Karen Dolan
If you’re a parent, odds are you’ll be getting a direct deposit very soon.

Getting Out of Poverty Shouldn’t Be About Luck | Adriana Cadena
I grew up poor and undocumented. Here’s what I’ve learned.

The Military Wasn’t a Way Out of Poverty for Me | T.J. Thompson
Instead, militarism is why so many of us are poor in the first place.

A Dangerous Moment for Academic Freedom | Jill Richardson
Florida officials say they want to promote “intellectual freedom” — by using political surveys to target university funding.

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