This week, Sonali Kolhatkar examines the seemingly unusual incidence of women who oppose abortion rights seeking abortions for themselves. It’s more common than you’d expect, Sonali argues — and actually key to understanding a range of common conservative policy positions.

Also this week, Jim Hightower sheds a light on the growing problem of medical debt. And cartoonist Khalil Bendib deftly illustrates what Senator Joe Manchin is doing the Democratic agenda in Washington.

New This Week…

Selfishness Fuels the War on Abortion | Sonali Kolhatkar
Stories abound of conservative women who picket out front of clinics quietly coming in the back to get their own abortions.

Medical Debt Is a Rip-Off | Jim Hightower
Health care giants aren’t just making care more expensive. They’re putting Americans in debt bondage.

The Infernal Manchin Machine | Khalil Bendib
Can Dems pass anything at all through Manchin’s buzzsaw?

In Case You Missed It…

How to Prevent an American Theocracy | Mitchell Zimmerman
Six judges shouldn’t get to overturn the will of voters and destroy our rights. Expand the Supreme Court.

Homelessness Is a Policy Choice — And We Can Choose Differently | Don Gardner
Much of my adult life has been spent homeless or incarcerated. Here’s how we can help people keep a roof over their heads.

To Defend Our Rights, Defend Our Democracy | Sulma Arias
The attack on abortion rights is part of a bigger campaign against democracy. The late John Lewis offers a model to overcome it.

Most Americans Support Abortion Rights. Do Your Leaders? | Martha Burk
Now’s a good time to search out their position. If they oppose your fundamental rights, then it’s your right to send them packing.

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