This week, Capitol Hill police officers are testifying about their experiences during the violent January 6 coup attempt. In OtherWords, Jill Richardson draws a historical parallel to the 1973 coup in Chile and offers a sociological toolkit for understanding — and hopefully countering — the big lies that radicalize people against democracy.

Also this week, Justin Campos crunches the numbers on corporate tax receipts, which are plunging toward all time lows. A modest corporate tax hike, he shows, would be enough to fund the Biden administration’s infrastructure proposals for home care, affordable housing, community college, and universal preschool.

In other infrastructure priorities, Sonali Kolhatkar explains a devastating ruling by an anti-immigrant Texas judge against DACA, which protects young undocumented immigrants. But there may be a way forward, she explains, by using the infrastructure bill to create a pathway to citizenship.

Finally, Jim Hightower explains how corporations pulled the plug on local news.

New This Week…

Preventing An American Pinochet | Jill Richardson
If you believe violence instead of voting is justified, I implore you to at least consider the alternative viewpoint.

Corporations Should Pay Their Fair Share for Human Needs | Justin Campos
Corporations pay lower taxes than ever. A modest corporate tax hike would be transformative.

The Jobs Bill Must Protect DACA Holders | Sonali Kolhatkar
Republicans are still attacking undocumented young people — including health care workers. Here’s how to protect them for good.

Readers Didn’t Give Up on Local News. Corporations Did. | Jim Hightower
Corporations gutted local newspapers and then wondered why people stopped buying them.

Nothing to See Here | Khalil Bendib
Sweeping January 6 under the rug.

In Case You Missed It…

The Billionaire Space Race Is a Wake-Up Call | Sam Pizzigati
Bored billionaires want tax breaks to escape a planet they helped pollute. Should we even let them back?

The Mom and Pop Tax Break | Domenica Ghanem
This month, millions of U.S. parents will get direct deposits in their bank accounts. There’s no catch.

Rein In Private Equity Before It Destroys More Jobs | Elisa McCartin
The Hufcor plant in Janesville, Wisconsin was profitable before investors gobbled it up. Now it’s the latest highway robbery by private equity.

Cubans Are Suffering. Biden Needs to End the Embargo. | Medea Benjamin and Leonardo Flores
Biden should reverse Trump’s sanctions and call an end to 60 years of brutal economic warfare.

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