Decades ago, photos of 14-year old Emmett Till’s murdered body lit a fire under the nascent civil rights movement.

This week in OtherWords, Mitchell Zimmerman — a veteran of that movement — wonders if photos of assault rifle victims could do the same for gun control today. In the wake of the sickening school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, it’s an urgent question — particularly, as cartoonist Khalil Bendib illustrates, the NRA is trotting out its all too familiar talking points.

Meanwhile, Florida mom Alison Holmes is on a mission to help kids in another way: by making home care for young people — and everyone — with disabilities more accessible. In OtherWords, she writes about the cruel red tape keeping people like her son JJ from getting help — and how her own state’s poor health policies are impacting her, too. We’ll all need this kind of care eventually, she argues, so we’d better start investing in it today.

In brighter news this week, pastor Aaron Scott shares his remarkable journey from upstate New York to Central America to Washington State, learning how the church can bring people together to fight poverty instead of dividing them by race, gender, or sexuality. Along the way, he also learns to accept new truths about himself. Don’t miss it!

And in another piece of good news, Brian Wakamo shares how the U.S. women’s soccer team won equal pay with their male counterparts — and how workers who aren’t athletes can do the same.

New This Week…

America Needs to See the Reality of Assault Rifle Murders | Mitchell Zimmerman
Decades ago, photos of Emmett Till’s murdered body galvanized action for civil rights. Today, disturbing images could do the same for gun control.

Overcoming the Distorted Narrative of Christian Nationalism | Aaron Scott
I grew up in a church community that pitted people against each other and called it “Christianity.” As a pastor now myself, I know there’s another way.

We’ll All Need Home Care Someday | Alison Holmes
And many of us, like my son, need it today. What will it take for our leaders to invest in it?

An Equal Pay Victory for America’s Most Dominant National Team | Brian Wakamo
A landmark union agreement for the U.S. women’s soccer team offers a blueprint for equity — even for those of us who aren’t professional athletes.

Suffer the Little Weapons | Khalil Bendib
How could anyone blame guns?

In Case You Missed It…

200 Members of Congress Voted Against Baby Formula. That’s An Outrage. | TiffanyAnn Goodson
Politicians who cry that they’re “pro-life” are voting against feeding babies. Others look away while monopolies undercut food safety.

Cancel Student Loan Debt. Bail Out Regular People. | Robert P. Alvarez
Even writing off every penny of student debt would cost less than Trump’s tax giveaways for corporations and the rich.

It’s Time to Stop Profiteering at the Pump | Lindsay Owens and Hebah Kassem
High gas prices, climate change, and the war in Ukraine share a common cause.

If You Watch TV or Use the Internet, You Want a Functional FCC | Julie Hollar
Right now, the agency is deadlocked — which is just peachy for the corporations it regulates. Here’s how to unblock it.

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