The Juneteenth holiday weekend is coming up — and this year’s celebration comes with a bit of good news.

Over 150 years after the end of slavery in this country, generations of public policy have left a wide open racial wealth gap. But now, writes Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, one state is showing the country how to take the next big step in closing that gap.

“I’ve been researching and writing about the racial wealth divide for the last 20 years,” he writes. “In my view, Connecticut’s Baby Bond program is the most significant step forward in public policy I’ve seen yet. It should be an example for the country.” Don’t miss this bit of good news.

Also this week, Sam Pizzigati explains how military contracting CEOs rip off taxpayers. Jim Hightower defends “wokeness” as an American value. And cartoonist Khalil thinks too many leaders still have their heads in the sand about climate change.

New This Week…

The Boldest Step To Close the Racial Wealth Divide in Generations | Dedrick Asante-Muhammad
One state’s “Baby Bonds” program should be a model for the whole country.

How Contractor CEOs Get Rich Off Taxpayers | Sam Pizzigati
Enormous Pentagon budgets are also inflating CEO pay at major military contractors. Here’s how to rein in this taxpayer-funded excess.

Being “Woke” Is an American Value | Jim Hightower
Shame on those political elites demanding we abandon even striving for a fair country.

Cartoon: Heads in the Sand | Khalil Bendib
As wildfire smoke clouded the sky, businesses and politicians shoved their head in the sand.

In Case You Missed It…

Prayer Helped Me Survive Poverty, But I Needed Government Help Too | Trish Brown
Our social safety net is flawed but vital. Let’s work together to protect it from political attacks.

Extremism Is Bad for Business | David Pepper
As Disney learned, supporting statehouse extremists will come back to haunt you. Consumers must teach more businesses that lesson — and fast.

Next Time, Abolish the Debt Ceiling | Karen Dolan
The debt ceiling doesn’t reduce debt — it just creates one hostage situation after another, as Americans just learned the hard way.

Anti-Trans Politicians Are Following the Nazi Playbook | Mitchell Zimmerman
Right-wingers don’t have any answers for the issues that matter, so they’re viciously attacking a vulnerable minority.

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