We’re taking an off week to catch up on internal housekeeping and prepare some upcoming packages. In the meantime, please enjoy a new cartoon from Khalil Bendib and some of greatest hits from this spring as we celebrate the first day of summer.

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New This Week…

Cartoon: Running for Lackey | Khalil Bendib
Trump’s GOP rivals can’t stick to their mild critiques of his actions.

In Case You Missed It…

The Boldest Step To Close the Racial Wealth Divide in Generations | Dedrick Asante-Muhammad
One state’s “Baby Bonds” program should be a model for the whole country.

How Contractor CEOs Get Rich Off Taxpayers | Sam Pizzigati
Enormous Pentagon budgets are also inflating CEO pay at major military contractors. Here’s how to rein in this taxpayer-funded excess.

Extremism Is Bad for Business | David Pepper
As Disney learned, supporting statehouse extremists will come back to haunt you. Consumers must teach more businesses that lesson — and fast.

CEOs Get to Retire Comfortably. Workers Like Me Deserve the Same. | Cynthia Murray
Our tax laws shouldn’t protect giant CEO retirement accounts when my coworkers and I can’t afford to save at all.

The SNAP Expansion Helped Me Lead a Dignified Life on Disability — Now It’s Gone | Joyce Kendrick
Pandemic social programs were a life saver for me. Not only have they expired, but now conservatives want to shred what little is left.

Lights, Camera, Action: Why the Hollywood Writers Strike Matters | Farrah Hassen
If you work for a living in this increasingly unfair economy — or just watch TV — you have a stake in the Hollywood writers strike.

Over-the-Counter Birth Control Would Be a Game Changer | Sonali Kolhatkar
Amid a widespread assault on reproductive health care, more accessible birth control would be a landmark moment.

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