This week, more evidence has poured in as Congress investigates the January 6, 2021 coup attempt.

We’ve heard from Trump appointees and election officials who told the president directly that the 2020 results were valid even as he publicly said otherwise. We’ve heard from survivors of the violence. And we’ve heard from ordinary poll workers who got death threats simply for doing their job.

In OtherWords, veteran attorney Mitchell Zimmerman argues there’s more than enough evidence to justify indicting Donald Trump. The only question is whether Attorney General Merrick Garland — who seems reluctant — will do it. The answer could have profound effects on the future of our democracy.

Also this week, Sonali Kolhatkar looks at past research as well as new studies pointing to the dangers of corporate food monopolies — dangers perfectly encapsulated by the formula shortage. With babies now paying the price for corporate control of the food system, she wonders: Will that motivate policy makers to finally break up these dangerous monopolies?

Finally, I had the privilege last week of sitting in on a congressional briefing featuring members of the Poor People’s Campaign who’d gathered to march on Washington. This week, Bella Devaan interviews a New York pastor who decided to attend the march and offers a concise moral case for policy changes to address poverty.

New This Week…

The Evidence Is Clear: Trump Must Be Indicted | Mitchell Zimmerman
With democracy itself under siege, Attorney General Merrick Garland must uphold his oath to defend the Constitution.

To Prevent Formula Shortages, Break Up Monopolies | Sonali Kolhatkar
Food experts have warned for years that monopolies make our food supply vulnerable. Now babies are paying the price.

A Pastor Marches for a Moral Economy | Bella DeVaan
The Poor People’s Campaign marched on Washington to demand action on poverty. Here’s why one pastor joined them.

Freedom to Repress | Khalil Bendib
The upcoming U.S. meeting with Saudi Arabia doesn’t have the makings of a human rights summit.

In Case You Missed It…

Keeping Workers Poor Is Bad for Business | Sam Pizzigati
At America’s biggest low-wage employers, chief executives now pocket 670 times more than their workers.

Only in Top Gun Can the Military Solve All Our Problems | Lindsay Koshgarian
In real life, plowing money into shiny fighter jets while Americans struggle and the climate burns makes us less safe.

How Long Will We Sacrifice Our Kids to the Gun Lobby’s Paranoia? | Sonali Kolhatkar
A well-heeled lobby, a paranoid minority, and the GOP have made it all but impossible to regulate the leading cause of death for American kids.

Nothing Is More Personal Than the Right to Control Your Own Body | Olivia Alperstein
Roe doesn’t just protect abortion rights. It’s the keystone that keeps politicians out of the most intimate aspects of our lives.

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