This week, Sonali Kolhatkar looks at the deep cultural, political, and financial roots of the gun lobby’s hold on American politics. With gun violence now the leading cause of death for kids in this country, Sonali wonders how long America’s pro-gun control majority will tolerate kids being sacrificed to the paranoid fantasies of of pro-gun culture warriors. You don’t want to miss this one.

Also this week, social worker Adriana Lopez reflects on the nasty public reaction to the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial. The real victims, she worries, will be domestic violence survivors like her clients, who may now fear to speak out after witnessing the toxic public shaming that attended this trial.

Finally, cartoonist Khalil Bendib offers a pithy summary of the right’s view of biology, bodily autonomy, and regulation.

We’ll be a little light this week and next while I tend to some institutional housekeeping and other projects, but I’m really excited to offer you these — and if you need more, please see our other recent offerings. Have a great week.

New This Week….

How Long Will We Sacrifice Our Kids to the Gun Lobby’s Paranoia? | Sonali Kolhatkar
A well-heeled lobby, a paranoid minority, and the GOP have made it all but impossible to regulate the leading cause of death for American kids.

We Are Failing Survivors of Domestic Violence | Adriana Lopez
I serve domestic violence survivors as a social worker. The toxic public shaming of Amber Heard will discourage some from ever speaking up.

Republican Biology | Khalil Bendib
When the privates become public, the public is screwed.

In Case You Missed It…

America Needs to See the Reality of Assault Rifle Murders | Mitchell Zimmerman
Decades ago, photos of Emmett Till’s murdered body galvanized action for civil rights. Today, disturbing images could do the same for gun control.

Overcoming the Distorted Narrative of Christian Nationalism | Aaron Scott
I grew up in a church community that pitted people against each other and called it “Christianity.” As a pastor now myself, I know there’s another way.

We’ll All Need Home Care Someday | Alison Holmes
And many of us, like my son, need it today. What will it take for our leaders to invest in it?

Cancel Student Loan Debt. Bail Out Regular People. | Robert P. Alvarez
Even writing off every penny of student debt would cost less than Trump’s tax giveaways for corporations and the rich.

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