This week, the world is reeling from more dire images from Ukraine, where the Russian bombardment of civilian population centers has only increased, along with a steady stream of refugees fleeing for their lives.

In recent weeks, my IPS colleagues have written about how to help Ukraine with diplomacy, not war. This week, Lindsay Koshgarian explains why hiking military spending now won’t do Ukraine any good — but it might do us a lot of bad. And Chuck Collins draws a clear line between cracking down on tax avoidance in the United States and cracking down on Russian oligarchs.

But also this week, Farrah Hassen explores a more critical angle: How does the media coverage of Ukraine compare to that of other war zones?

In the Western media at least, it’s often quite prejudiced — with reporters openly contrasting the disaster in “civilized” and “European” Ukraine to “areas in the Middle East that are still in a big state of war.” Farrah calls that double standard not just “racist and dehumanizing” but also “ignorant about the history of Europe itself.”

“No matter where it happens, war’s tragedy is the same,” Farrah argues. From Ukraine to Yemen and Syria, “the victims of war always deserve proper dignity and compassion.”

Also this week, Sonali Kolhatkar reports on Hershey’s not-so-sweet union busting at its Virginia plant. And Jim Hightower writes about the threat of automation to even white collar jobs.

New This Week…

Covering War Without Prejudice | Farrah Hassen
Ukrainians deserve our compassion — and their rights under international law. So do victims of war everywhere else.

Cracking Down on Russian Oligarchs Means Cracking Down on U.S. Tax Havens | Chuck Collins
If the U.S. wants to clamp down on “ill-gotten gains” abroad, the first step is to get our own house in order.

There’s No Sugarcoating Hershey’s Union Busting | Sonali Kolhatkar
The candy giant is just the latest big name to throw the corporate union-busting playbook at its fed up workers.

Our Military Budget Is More Lopsided Than Ever | Lindsay Koshgarian
Spending 12 times as much on our military as Russia didn’t prevent a war in Europe. It just deprived us of resources at home.

Robots are Coming for White-Collar Jobs | Jim Hightower
CEOs are speeding up the adoption of automation to replace employees once assumed to be immune from it.

Nuclear Monkey Business | Khalil Bendib
How many nuclear powers can dance at the edge of a precipice?

In Case You Missed It…

It’s Not Just Inflation — It’s Price Gouging | Lindsay Owens
Corporations are using “inflation” as a cover to hike prices and record record profits. We’ve got the proof.

The Federal Backlog That’s Hurting Immigrants — and Our Economy | Payal Sinha
1.4 million immigrants are stuck waiting on work permits, threatening their ability to survive.

I’m a Christian Mom and I Love My Trans Daughter | Kimberly Shappley
I’m a lot like you — except my state wants to investigate me as a child abuser simply for supporting my kid.

The Best Way to Help Ukraine Is Diplomacy, Not War | Phyllis Bennis
Every war eventually ends with diplomacy. The question is how long the killing goes on before the diplomats stop it.

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