Like most Americans, I’ve been horrified by Russia’s brutal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. But I was also relieved to hear President Biden, during last night’s State of the Union address, reiterate his promise that he won’t be sending U.S. troops to the country to confront Russia militarily.

As Phyllis Bennis writes this week, “There’s no conceivable ‘national interest’ worth risking even the tiniest possibility of a military confrontation between nuclear-armed superpowers.” Instead, she argues, the best way to stop the war and help Ukraine is diplomacy — which, done properly, could leave all of Europe and the world much safer.

In other timely news, Sarah Anderson reviews the economic proposals from the State of the Union and urges Biden to take more executive action to help Americans weather inflation and the pandemic. And longtime attorney Mitchell Zimmerman pokes holes in the GOP’s arguments against Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

And in a very special piece from Texas, proud Southern mom Kimberly Shappley lambasts her state’s government for a viciously cruel new order to investigate the parents of trans children for “child abuse” simply for seeking age-appropriate and evidence-based medical care for their kids.

It’s not just a Texas issue either, she writes, with at least 33 states considering other cruel laws targeting trans children. Don’t miss it.

New This Week…

The Best Way to Help Ukraine Is Diplomacy, Not War | Phyllis Bennis
Every war eventually ends with diplomacy. The question is how long the killing goes on before the diplomats stop it.

Biden’s Economic Plans Are Solid, But We Need Action | Sarah Anderson
The president’s SOTU address tasked Congress with an ambitious agenda, but Biden needs to do much more on his own.

I’m a Christian Mom and I Love My Trans Daughter | Kimberly Shappley
I’m a lot like you — except my state wants to investigate me as a child abuser simply for supporting my kid.

GOP Hostility to Ketanji Brown Jackson Goes Beyond Hypocrisy | Mitchell Zimmerman
Republicans complain about “reverse discrimination” on the Supreme Court. Their real complaint is against constitutional democracy.

The Fuse Putin Lit | Khalil Bendib
Would Putin really blow up the world to seize Ukraine?

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Americans oppose overturning Roe by 2 to 1. Speaking up isn’t always easy, but it’s more important than ever.

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