Is it anti-semitic to question U.S. support for Israel? Many politicians seem to think so, judging by the manufactured controversy over critical remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Sarah Gertler disagrees. This week in OtherWords, she shares stories about singing the Israeli anthem at summer camps, visiting Israel-Palestine in college, and becoming disillusioned by the Israeli occupation and U.S. support for it. Questioning U.S. foreign policy isn’t anti-semitic, she argues — but insisting that Jews must support violations of international law sure is.

Meanwhile, momentum for a Green New Deal continues. Last week, a group of youth activists created a viral sensation by challenging Sen. Dianne Feinstein to support the plan. This week, two of those young activists — siblings Hannah, 15, and Michael Estrada, 17 — explain what’s at stake not only for the planet, but for people.

Also this week, Karla Molinar-Arvizo explains why Democrats who oppose wall funding need to oppose funding for ICE and Border Patrol, too. Jim Hightower shares stories from his time in office to show why social movements matter. And Olivia Alperstein reports on a sensible plan to not obliterate the planet.

Finally, Khalil Bendib isn’t impressed by Trump’s defense that everyone he hired to work for him is a liar.

New This Week…

Criticizing Israel Isn’t Anti-Semitic. Here’s What Is. | Sarah Gertler
Pro-Israel politicians don’t speak for young Jews like me. They shouldn’t pretend to.

It’s Not Just the Planet Our Planet That Needs a Green New Deal — Our People Do, Too | Hannah and Michael Estrada
We stood up to our senator to save our future. Will you join us?

Worse Than the Wall | Karla Molinar-Arvizo
The agencies that separate families, abuse children, and deport innocent people should be just as toxic as Trump’s wall.

A Modest Proposal: Don’t Start a Nuclear War | Olivia Alperstein
No one wants a nuclear war, ever. Why don’t we have a policy against starting one?

Never Stop Pushing Elected Officials | Jim Hightower
If you don’t keep on them once they’re elected, you can be sure special interests will.

Walking on Mud | Khalil Bendib
Is it the president’s fault he surrounds himself with liars?

In Case You Missed It…

Hate Crimes: One Lie, Many Truths | Gray Ndiaye
Jussie Smollett may have lied, but real hate crimes and harassment are on the rise. I’ve lived through it myself.

GM Is Closing My Plant. What Are Politicians Going to Do About It? | Nanette Senters
I gave GM 20 years of my life. In return they took my job — and the government keeps rewarding them for it.

In the Battle Against Opioids, Saving Lives Needs to Come First | Alexis Pleus
Safe injection sites and medication-assisted treatment may be controversial, but they work. We need them now.

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