New data suggests slow hiring is holding up the economic recovery. Some Republicans are blaming unemployment benefits.

But maybe, Rebekah Entralgo argues this week, the real problem is low wages. Who wants to risk COVID-19 working for a poverty wage, she wonders? Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for employers who need workers: pay them more.

Meanwhile, John Feffer looks at Germany’s success combating its own labor shortage, declining birth rate, and social spending shortfalls. What’s their secret? Immigration. With the U.S. now seeing its lowest birth rates in a century, John says there’s an obvious lesson.

Also this week, Monica Grover shares a moving reflection on the pandemic devastation in India. As an Indian American, she says the lesson is clear: No one is truly safe from this virus until we all are.

Finally, Jill Richardson shares her vaccine experience. Jim Hightower gives a “Sleazy” award to Tyson Foods. And Khalil Bendib illustrates the GOP’s new “voter purity” laws.

New This Week…

Employers: If You Want Workers, Pay a Living Wage | Rebekah Entralgo
It’s not that people don’t want to work — it’s that they don’t want to work for so little.

Viruses Know No Borders. Vaccines Shouldn’t Either. | Monica Grover
As an Indian American, my family has experienced the worst of this pandemic in two countries. For any of us to be safe, we all need vaccine equity.

America’s Immigration Solution | John Feffer
What’s the answer to declining births, labor shortages, and spending shortfalls? Immigration. Just ask Germany.

My Vaccine Experience | Jill Richardson
If you haven’t gotten your shot, please get it soon. If it helps, let me tell you about mine.

The Award for Sleaziest Corporate Profiteering Goes To… | Jim Hightower
… Tyson Foods, which forced its employees back to work and took bets on how many would die.

The GOP’s ‘Voter Purity’ Laws | Khalil Bendib
Republicans are using a telling choice of words to explain their new voter suppression laws.

In Case You Missed It…

The Man for the Moment Who Must Do More | Karen Dolan
Biden deserves praise for going big and bold on the economy. Let’s push him to go bigger and bolder.

Humanizing the People Police Kill | Robert P. Alvarez
The standard, often unreliable reporting on police killings dehumanizes victims — a fact my own family knows too well.

FDR Must Be Smiling | Sam Pizzigati
Biden’s plan to create jobs and tax the rich is a good deal bolder than it looks at first glance.

An Invisible Essential Labor Force | Rebekah Entralgo
How the migrant women farmworkers who put food on our tables are organizing for a better life after the pandemic.

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