As the latest Israeli assault on Gaza continues, we offer two perspectives from writers who’ve visited the region.

Jill Richardson, whose upbringing was Jewish, visited Israel with her family as a teenager. Tracey L. Rogers, a racial justice advocate in the United States, visited the Palestinian Territories a few years ago.

They come from different backgrounds, but they both agree: What they saw changed them. Jill argues that the values she learned growing up Jewish are exactly why she supports Palestinian rights today. And Tracey draws parallels between the struggles of Palestinians and the civil rights struggles in the U.S. Both are worth reading.

Also this week, Tarah Heinzen highlights some shocking new research on factory farming — pollution from which may kill more people each year than coal. And Jim Hightower makes the case for a corporate tax hike by describing Jeff Bezos’s yacht — and his yacht’s yacht.

New This Week…

Palestinian Lives Matter | Tracey L. Rogers
We can’t say we support justice and human rights in this country while supporting violence and expulsion abroad.

Factory Farms Are a Deadly Nuisance | Tarah Heinzen
Regulators, take notice: Air pollution from factory farms now kills more people than even coal pollution.

The Bigger Picture in Israel-Palestine | Jill Richardson
My Jewish upbringing taught me to stand with the persecuted and the vulnerable. Today, that means the Palestinians.

We Need to Talk About Jeff Bezos’s Boat | Jim Hightower
The Amazon CEO’s yacht actually requires its own “support yacht” — so he can land his helicopter.

The Palestine Exception | Khalil Bendib
U.S. support for Israel poses a challenge the Biden administration’s promise to center human rights in foreign policy.

In Case You Missed It…

Employers: If You Want Workers, Pay a Living Wage | Rebekah Entralgo
It’s not that people don’t want to work — it’s that they don’t want to work for so little.

Viruses Know No Borders. Vaccines Shouldn’t Either. | Monica Grover
As an Indian American, my family has experienced the worst of this pandemic in two countries. For any of us to be safe, we all need vaccine equity.

America’s Immigration Solution | John Feffer
What’s the answer to declining births, labor shortages, and spending shortfalls? Immigration. Just ask Germany.

My Vaccine Experience | Jill Richardson
If you haven’t gotten your shot, please get it soon. If it helps, let me tell you about mine.

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