Is there anything scarier than not having food to feed your baby — or more scandalous than politicians who refuse to help when you can’t?

That’s the situation facing millions of parents in this country — including our contributor TiffanyAnn Goodson — as the national formula shortage goes unresolved.

Although the Biden administration has intervened to help, Congress needs to do its part too.

This week in OtherWords, TiffanyAnn writes about her fury over nearly 200 Republicans voting against a federal effort to increase formula capacity. “This crisis — which has literally taken food from the mouth of my baby — has awakened a passion in me,” she writes. “It’s made me realize that we can’t be silent anymore.”

She’s not the only one demanding the federal government do more to help regular people. This week, my colleague Robert P. Alvarez writes about working at McDonald’s to support himself through college, but still ending up weighed down by debt many years after graduating and getting a job in his field.

He points out that the federal government could cancel every penny of student loan debt and it would still cost less than the GOP’s tax cuts for the wealthy — while doing more to stimulate the economy.

Finally, cartoonist Khalil Bendib mocks up the real “Great Replacement” happening inside the erstwhile Party of Lincoln.

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Even writing off every penny of student debt would cost less than Trump’s tax giveaways for corporations and the rich.

The Real ‘Great Replacement’ | Khalil Bendib
The Party of Lincoln has been replaced by a party of clownish white supremacists.

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