The latest violence in Israel and Gaza started with a horrific terrorist attack that killed over a thousand innocent Israelis. And as Middle East expert Phyllis Bennis writes, now it’s millions of innocent Gazans who are at risk as Israel bombs and besieges the impoverished territory.

It’s a heartbreaking situation with complex causes and and no easy resolution. But Phyllis says the next step should be very simple: stop the killing that’s happening today.

Also this week, Sarah Anderson shares some positive news about the Biden administration’s campaign against “junk fees” that rip off consumers. And Jim Hightower gives an obvious answer to America’s truck driver shortage: hire women!

New This Week…

We Need an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza | Phyllis Bennis
Millions of innocent Gazans are in danger. Half are children who’ve lived through five wars already.

Let’s Trash Junk Fees | Sarah Anderson
President Biden is cracking down on deceptive fees that cost American consumers tens of billions of dollars a year.

A Glaringly Obvious Answer to America’s Truck Driver Shortage | Jim Hightower
Understaffed trucking companies are trying to roll back child labor rules. Why not just stop discriminating against women?

Cartoon: Caught Napping | Khalil Bendib
A series of embarrassments plaguing some of the world’s top military powers.

In Case You Missed It…

Try This in a Small Town | Amy Adams
We don’t need more fear, anger, or violence. We need public investment that helps hard working people get by.

The Price of Amazon’s “Prime” Business Model Is Our Bodies | Denise Kohr
The billion-dollar company profits off pushing workers like me to our physical limits — only to ignore us when we’re hurt on the job.

A Wake Up Call on Poverty | Shailly Gupta Barnes
Hardship is far more widespread than official numbers reflect. But we’ve also seen firsthand how to address it.

Suing for a Livable Planet | Farrah Hassen
Can Big Oil be held accountable for damaging the climate? Can politicians who enable them? People are going to court to find out.

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