Hundreds of protestors at Standing Rock have been arrested, and the Sioux tribe has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate abuses by police officers against those blocking the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

OtherWords cartoonist Khalil Bendib shows how a federal judge gets it wrong on this case, opting to protect big oil at the expense of the planet.

Also this week in OtherWords, Mike Merryman-Lotze tells the side of the Israel-Palestine conflict that’s often left out of mainstream media: Every day Palestinian refugees in Gaza live in fear of another Israeli attack.

Meanwhile, columnist Jill Richardson outlines the stark similarities between Donald Trump’s rhetoric and that of an abusive partner. And Isaiah Poole of People’s Action tells us how progressives are working to heal the racial divides perpetuated by Trump-like politicians throughout the nation.

Finally, Jim Hightower says it’s not enough for Wells Fargo to get rid of CEO John Stumpf when other top executives have helped create a sales culture that’s rotting the bank from the top down. And Josh Hoxie predicts that post-election season, the people will be calling for reforms to inequities in our tax code.


Victim Blaming the Planet, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

  1. Fighting Racism Where White Workers Are Hurting, Too / Isaiah J. Poole
    Progressives in states like Maine are working to heal the divisions of wedge politics practiced by politicians across the nation.
  2. An Appetite for Action on Tax Reform / Josh Hoxie
    After the election, we need to focus on forcing the next president to address inequality and fix our upside down tax code.
  3. Israel’s Blockade of Gaza is Inherently Violent / Mike Merryman-Lotze
    Every day Palestinians live in fear of another U.S.-funded attack by the Israeli government.
  4. Trump is the Nation’s Abuser-in-Chief / Jill Richardson
    A checklist of 30 tactics used by emotionally abusive partners reads like Trump’s debate prep to-do list.
  5. Wells Fargo is Rotting from the Top Down / Jim Hightower
    Top executives created a sales culture that forced employees to rob the bank’s customers.
  6. Victim Blaming the Planet / Khalil Bendib
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