This week in OtherWords, veteran attorney Mitchell Zimmerman takes note of this year’s political rhetoric about crime and wonders: What’s actually going on?

It could be easy to miss, Mitchell notes, that many violent crimes are actually down so far this year — which in any case has little to do with who’s in the White House, Congress, or in governors’ mansions across the country. What’s really happening, he argues, is that “Republicans are conjuring a ‘crime wave’ to scare voters.”

Meanwhile, Sonali Kolhatkar marvels at the short tenure of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, brought down after just 45 days because her economic prescriptions were so unpopular. That should be a lesson to politicians running on the same “trickledown” agenda in this country, she argues.

Also this week, single mom Eileen Supelveda points out that even months into the school year, families with kids are still reeling from “back to school” expenses — especially since the Child Tax Credit expired. And Jim Hightower excoriates the hedge fund-owned companies that are gutting local newspapers.

New This Week…

GOP Ads Cry “Crime!” But Homicides Are Actually Falling | Mitchell Zimmerman
Rather than running on their unpopular agenda, Republicans are conjuring a “crime wave” to scare voters.

Tackling Inflation By Rewarding the Rich Is a Fool’s Errand | Sonali Kolhatkar
Trickle down economics has never worked, but the GOP is trying to force it on voters anyway.

Back to School Blues Linger Without the Child Tax Credit | Eileen Sepulveda
Months on, many parents are still reeling from back to school expenses — especially since the Child Tax Credit expired.

The Depravity of Hedge Fund ‘Journalism’ | Jim Hightower
Who slimmed down your local paper, diluted it with filler, and then doubled the price? Profiteers who don’t care about the news.

I Miss the Old GOP | Khalil Bendib
The new one’s a little much.

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Safe Tap Water Should Be a Human Right | Farrah Hassen
But from Michigan to Mississippi to tribal communities in the West, millions of Americans don’t have it.

Republican ‘Solutions’ Will Make Inflation Worse | Peter Certo
If cutting corporate tax rates and making billionaires wealthier actually fixed inflation, it would have been fixed ages ago.

The War on Immigrants Is a War on All Poor and Low-Income Americans | Shailly Gupta Barnes
If low-income voters stick together, they can stop politicians from turning a humanitarian crisis into political theater.

My Newspaper Died | Jim Hightower
More than half of all daily papers in America are in the grip of just 10 syndicates, most of which don’t care about journalism.

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