Well, in episode 4,000 or so of a long-running saga, the GOP is reviving its effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something far more draconian. (In fact, I had to check our past issues to make sure we hadn’t run this exact newsletter already.)

We’ve done lots on the various health care replacement schemes in the past, which you can read here on our site. This week, we offer two interesting alternatives.

First, there’s the Jim Hightower plan: Repeal the generous federal health benefits members of Congress enjoy until they come up with something that works for everyone else.

Second, there’s Bernie Sanders, who recently introduced a bill that would extend Medicare to all Americans. Khalil Bendib likens that to Bernie vs. Goliath.

Also this week, Bob Lord does some expert reporting on how Trump’s tax plan would benefit the president personally, to the tune of billions. Emily Norton says it’s a good thing corporations are calling out racism, but wishes they’d stop profiting off it. And Kenneth Worles has some advice for the city of Los Angeles, which is set to host the Olympics again but struggles with homelessness and unaffordable housing.

Finally, as a seemingly endless parade of hurricanes pounds our coasts, Jill Richardson says it’s time we found a common language on climate science.


Khalil Bendib / OtherWords.org

  1. Trump’s Tax Plan: A Billion or Three for Guys Like Him / Bob Lord
    If the president’s tax plan passes, it’ll be like he’s cutting himself a check from the Treasury.
  2. Can Anti-Racist Businesses Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is? / Emily Norton
    Corporations rejecting racism is good, but it’s a low bar — especially when many still profit off it.
  3. The Dark Side of Hosting the Olympics / Kenneth Worles
    The Olympics are coming back to Los Angeles. But the games are notoriously bad news for poor people in host cities.
  4. Finding a Common Language on Climate / Jill Richardson
    A third of Americans still don’t believe in climate science, even as ever more severe hurricanes pound our coasts.
  5. If You Don’t Have Good Health Care, Neither Should Your Rep / Jim Hightower
    Until they deliver for the whole public, the public owes them nothing.
  6. Bernie and Goliath / Khalil Bendib
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