This week, congressional Democrats are rushing to finalize their reconciliation bill to fund an ambitious new package for jobs and infrastructure. Debates are particularly fraught with the party’s right wing over how expansive the plan should be — and how to fund it.

Last week, we looked at some important possible elements of that plan — including unemployment insurance and the expanded Child Tax Credit. This week, Gabe Bankman-Fried makes the case for also including funds to start preparing for the next pandemic. And Chuck Collins explains the most straightforward and popular way to fund these new programs: the Millionaires Surtax.

Also this week, Khalil Bendib illustrates Biden’s inaction on GOP obstruction. And Jim Hightower introduces a few “B Corporations” who offer a refreshing contrast to the pandemic profiteering we’ve seen from many corporations over the last year and half.

New This Week…

The Simplest, Most Effective, and Popular Way to Fund the Jobs Bill | Chuck Collins
Even Trump voters like the idea of a modest extra tax on multimillionaires.

Prepare for the Next Pandemic Today | Gabe Bankman-Fried
A small investment now could mean more protective equipment and faster vaccine development before the next plague hits.

Reconciling Profit and Morality | Jim Hightower
After the corporate plunder during the pandemic, it’s worth remembering the ‘B Corporations’ that serve a different purpose.

Deer in the Headlights | Khalil Bendib
Biden and the Democrats are freezing up as GOP obstruction blocks their agenda.

In Case You Missed It…

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Ending enhanced unemployment benefits didn’t get people back to work. It just made them poorer.

What the Expanded Child Tax Credit Means to Me | La’Shon Marshall
I grew up poor and traumatized, not knowing how to get help. Now my own child’s life will be better.

Private Equity Destroyed My Job | Shirley Smith
It took greedy investors just three years to strip my employer for parts. Here’s how to stop them from coming for yours.

Spreading Vaccine Misinformation Is Dangerous and Wrong | Jill Richardson
People can disagree about vaccine mandates, but the evidence on vaccines is clear: They’re safe and effective.

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