It’s crunch time for the Democrats’ jobs and infrastructure package, also known as the reconciliation bill or the Build Back Better plan.

There’s a big debate in Congress right now between members who support a more ambitious package a handful of moderates and conservatives trying to pare it back. But there’s not much debate among the American people, as Sondra Youdelman explains this week. In fact, the bill’s main provisions — more health and child care, green jobs, lower drug prices, and the like — are really, really popular. So is the idea of funding them by reversing big tax cuts for the wealthy.

The “debate” comes down to a big lobbying push by corporations and their associations, Sondra argues. And she has the spending figures to prove it.

Also this week, Brian Wakamo explains how — with a little pressure — the bill could also eliminate a tax loophole that’s helping private equity investors kill businesses and put Americans out of work. And, in our latest narrative piece on poverty, Tammy Rojas talks about her journey from would-be nurse to underpaid home health aid to community health advocate. If you’ve ever struggled to pay bills or get health care, you’ll want to read her story.

Finally, Khalil Bendib offers a powerful cartoon on the disgraceful treatment of Haitian migrants and refugees at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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America Is Back… | Khalil Bendib 
… To its old tricks?

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