As hurricane season gets underway — and as Hurricane Dorian bears down on Florida — the Trump administration has taken a novel approach to disaster preparation: shift money away from it, and toward immigration detention. Get ready for a season of unnatural disasters, says columnist Jill Richardson.

Also this week, my colleague Chuck Collins offers a big idea for the 2020 candidates: They should pledge to raise an extra $1 trillion from the wealthiest 0.1 percent of Americans before raising middle class taxes one dime.

Finally, Jim Hightower warns that we’ve got a predator guarding our public lands. And Khalil Bendib imagines a wall from sea to shining sea.

We’re taking a light week after last week’s Labor Day spectacular. But if you didn’t see them last week, make sure you catch Basav Sen on why it’s smart politics to name and shame big money donors, Sam Pizzigati on why candidates should campaign on making America more like Canada, and Armen Henderson on why many people of color remain leery of doctors.

New This Week…

Tax the Rich Before the Rest | Chuck Collins
Candidates should pledge that the middle class won’t pay $1 more in new taxes until billionaires put up at least $1 trillion.

Get Ready for Unnatural Disasters This Hurricane Season | Jill Richardson
The Trump administration is moving money away from disaster relief to lock up more immigrants.

Predator of Our Public Lands | Jim Hightower
The man Trump charged with protecting our public lands doesn’t believe we should have any.

Trump’s Wall: Free at Last | Khalil Bendib
From sea to shining sea.

In Case You Missed It…

Name and Shame Big Political Contributors | Basav Sen
Donors don’t like it, but using this publicly available information is one of the best ways to fight corruption.

Make America… More Like Canada | Sam Pizzigati
Canadians enjoy much better health care, much less inequality, and — a new study finds — higher incomes too.

Why Some People Don’t Trust Doctors | Armen Henderson
I’m a black physician. Many of the horror stories about bias in medicine are true.

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