Sometimes it’s helpful to take a long view.

This week in OtherWords, Sam Pizzigati reports on a new satellite NASA is developing that will be capable of spotting “a bug in space.” So why, he wonders, can’t the feds find the affluent tax cheats who illegally dodge over $400 billion a year in taxes?

Columnist Jill Richardon, meanwhile, looks at the deep roots of our cultural myths about poverty, and POGO’s Elizabeth Hempowicz eulogizes the Obama administration’s still incomplete legacy on open government.

In more current news, Jim Hightower highlights a farmer-turned-cartoonist who got the ax from Big Ag, while Khalil Bendib marks up recent victories of Black Lives Matter activists in holding police chiefs accountable for officer-involved shootings.



Toppling the Status Quo, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. America’s Cosmic Tax Gap / Sam Pizzigati
    The federal government can now spot a bug in space — so why can’t they spot rich tax cheats here on the ground?
  2. Obama Promised Open Government, But Hasn’t Delivered Yet / Elizabeth Hempowicz
    From torture to campaign finance, the president can still order important transparency reforms — but there isn’t much time.
  3. Our Poverty Myth / Jill Richardson
    The illusion that people are to blame for their own poverty goes back centuries in our culture.
  4. Putting Free Speech Out to Pasture / Jim Hightower
    A small-town cartoonist in Iowa got the boot when he offended a Big Ag giant.
  5. Toppling the Status Quo / Khalil Bendib
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