This week in OtherWords, we’re still processing the election results and what they mean for the years to come. A few of our writers even managed to find some silver linings.

Jim Hightower, for example, notes that many progressive candidates and issues — like minimum wage hikes and calls to publicly fund elections — did quite well at state and local ballot boxes, even in a few deep red states.

But it’s hard to ignore the headlines about the top of the ticket.

This week, LeeAnn Hall reports on how both hate groups and politically connected billionaires are cashing in on Trump’s victory. Jill Richardson explains why she can’t take calls to “give Trump a chance” seriously. And Khalil Bendib draws the genie that the hate-filled 2016 campaign let out of the bottle.

Also this week, Candace Clement says this election proves that media behemoths like the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger are bad for democracy. (And, she adds, they’ve always been bad for consumers.)

Finally, my IPS colleague Chuck Collins shows some empathy for struggling Americans who may have supported Trump. Might they be receptive to a more progressive populist message?

"Careful What You Wish For," an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

“Careful What You Wish For,” an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. Building a New Populism in the Era of Trump / Chuck Collins
    With a little good faith, liberals and conservatives can work together to tackle the real issues putting the American Dream out of reach.
  2. This Doesn’t Sound Like Our Voice / LeeAnn Hall
    Donald Trump said he’d speak for the people, but it’s billionaires and bigots who are getting heard.
  3. A Bigger AT&T Is the Last Thing We Need / Candace Clement
    Media behemoths are bad for democracy and bad for consumers.
  4. Sorry, I Can’t Give Trump a Chance / Jill Richardson
    Our democracy is too important to play nice with a man who campaigned on undermining it.
  5. This Election Wasn’t About Trump / Jim Hightower
    Where progressive initiatives and candidates were on the ballot, they won.
  6. Careful What You Wish For / Khalil Bendib
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