Donald Trump shocked the world this week with his stunning victory over Hillary Clinton. While Trump’s polling was competitive with the former secretary of state’s from the beginning, few imagined that his coalition was broad enough to triumph on Election Day.

No doubt the week to come will be filled with exit poll analyses, speculations on what the vote means, and prognostications for the four years to come. We’ll likely do our own fair share here at OtherWords.

But one thing seems immediately clear: The horse Trump rode in on was white racial resentment, as I explain in an op-ed this week and Khalil Bendib suggests in a not-so-subtle cartoon. (It’s a repeat of one we ran in March, but it felt timely to revisit.)

Regardless of which way the vote turned out, Jim Hightower adds, Big Money was poised for victory, and neither candidate did much to fight it.

Yet while our election drama was playing out, other things were happening — including some bits of good news. With Trump threatening to nix federal action on climate, Daphne Wysham reports, cities like Portland are showing how local communities can take the lead.

And even as the campaign reached a fever pitch, Jill Richardson adds, nearly 200 countries — including our own — managed to quietly a forge a climate deal that’s potentially more impactful than last year’s Paris Agreement.

Finally, Nick Pacifico shares some ideas about federal accountability that might help restore some trust in government during these deeply divided times.


Statue of Trumperty, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. America’s Dark Underbelly Is Now Its Face / Peter Certo
    Trump’s core supporters were so anxious about the changing face of America, they were willing to vote alongside the Klan.
  2. In Bleak Times, This City Is an Example for the World / Daphne Wysham
    Portland, Oregon could teach the world a thing or two about climate laws that count.
  3. Uncle Sam Needs a Better Handle on Your Money / Nick Pacifico
    Every day, the feds are losing money because of mistakes, waste, and abuse.
  4. This Deal Could Save the World / Jill Richardson
    While we were transfixed by Trump’s tape and Clinton’s emails, 200 countries showed that progress is possible.
  5. Who Won in 2016? Big Money. / Jim Hightower
    Neither Clinton nor Trump took on the role of corporate mega-donors this election.
  6. Statue of Trumperty / Khalil Bendib
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