Obama’s new budget, is it DOA?
Can tax breaks for the poor really see light of day?

Well, Paul Ryan’s budget will cut taxes too.
Granted, not for the many…just for the few.



A budget expresses what a nation finds valuable:
A good wage in Harlem? Or a new yacht in Malibu?

If corporate taxes are fair and loopholes are closed,
The have-nots will have and the haves won’t get hosed.

If needless bases are shut and excess weapons are tanked,
The poorest of us could become banked.

With good wages and help to lift us up out of poverty,
We could thrive and debunk the GOP demagoguery.

Obama’s budget begins to level the field,
But the opposition must agree to yield.

Only by lifting the bottom and taxing the top,
Will widening gaps in equality begin to stop.

We don’t need austerity, we don’t need new yachts.
We need fairness in budgeting and an end to have-nots.

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Karen Dolan

Among other things, Karen Dolan is the Institute for Policy Studies’ deadline poet. IPS-dc.org

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