Another week, another mass shooting, another gun control debate. With brave survivors from Florida pushing hard against politicians in thrall to the gun lobby, maybe this time will be different.

But one familiar element is the inevitable discussion of mental illness. This week in OtherWords, Jill Richardson argues that people living with mental illness deserve health care, not stigmatization.

Meanwhile, Jessicah Pierre reports on the shocking disparities in maternal mortality between white and black America women — a tragedy that persists across class lines.

Also this week, Eagle Scout Griffin Bird says that pipelines have no place in parks. Jim Hightower writes an ode to the humble Rutgers tomato. And Khalil Bendib catches Lady Liberty red-handed.


Khalil Bendib /

  1. Racism is Literally Killing African-American Mothers / Jessicah Pierre
    The chronic stress of racism endangers black moms of all kinds — from Serena Williams to Erica Garner.
  2. I’m an Eagle Scout, and I Don’t Want Pipelines in My Wilderness / Griffin Bird
    A gas pipeline would put a gash the size of a 12-lane highway along the Appalachian Trail. Is nothing sacred?
  3. Mass Shootings Shouldn’t Be the Only Time We Talk About Mental Illness / Jill Richardson
    That basically says it’s OK to let millions of Americans suffer so long as they don’t shoot anybody.
  4. Long Live the Jersey Tomato / Jim Hightower
    Instead of trying to squeeze nature into a high-tech, corporate model, our food system should cooperate with nature.
  5. Caught Her Red-Handed / Khalil Bendib
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