Another week, another mass shooting. And another round of desultory debate.

This week in OtherWords, Jill Richardson observes that gun control would be a lot easier if law-abiding gun owners would lend a hand. And Khalil Bendib marks up that “well regulated militia” the founders envisioned with the faces of mass shooters.

Also this week — just in time for fall — it’s pitchfork season.

Josh Hoxie brings back Dickens: It’s the best time for a few in America, but the worst time for many more. If you didn’t read that book, it didn’t end well.

Also in the pitchfork vein, I marvel at how openly a few Republicans have admitted that their tax plan is unpopular, but they have to pass it because donors want it. And Jim Hightower calls out Amazon’s shakedown of local communities.


(Khalil Bendib /

  1. Republicans Admit Their Tax Plan Is All About Rich Donors / Peter Certo
    It’s unpopular. It’s expensive. But the donors want it.
  2. The Best of Times, The Worst of Times / Josh Hoxie
    It’s the best time for a few in America, the worst for many more. If you didn’t read that book, it didn’t end well.
  3. Gun Control Shouldn’t Be This Hard / Jill Richardson
    We can prevent gun deaths while protecting gun rights. It would be nice if gun enthusiasts would help.
  4. No Corporate Welfare for Amazon / Jim Hightower
    The company doesn’t need or deserve a handout from the 238 cities prostrating themselves before it.
  5. A Well-Regulated Militia / Khalil Bendib
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Peter Certo is the editorial manager of the Institute for Policy Studies and the editor of