Weeks into the largest national prison strike in our history, the U.S Department of Justice has opened an investigation into Alabama prison conditions. It promises to look into claims of human rights abuses from sexual assault by correctional officers to unsanitary living conditions.

U.S. prisons around the country perpetuate slave labor, Olivia Alperstein writes, paying inmates just pennies an hour for their work and sustaining a cycle of poverty that often leads to recidivism.

Also this week in OtherWords, Sarah Anderson reveals which former presidents are considered the best and worst on tax fairness. And columnist Jim Hightower assures us that the progressive agenda didn’t die with Bernie’s presidential bid.

In Khalil Bendib’s cartoon, Trump goes on the attack against the worst enemies he can imagine — women. And columnist Jill Richardson remembers her own encounter with a workplace bully just like the presidential nominee.


Tilting At Women, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

  1. Prison Labor is Slavery by Another Name / Olivia Alperstein
    Across the country the largest prison strike is taking place, vowing to “finally end slavery in 2016.”
  2. The Best and Worst Presidents on Taxes / Sarah Anderson
    From Reagan to Roosevelt, tax fairness continues to fluctuate along with our elected leaders.
  3. My Trump-Like Bully / Jill Richardson
    If the latest lewd video of Trump taught us anything, it’s the danger of rewarding oppressive workplace behavior.
  4. Campaigns End On Election Day — Revolutions Don’t / Jim Hightower
    Grown out of the Bernie Sanders campaign, Our Revolution is working to change the face of American politics.
  5. Tilting at Women / Khalil Bendib
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