Peace and Security

Trillion-Dollar War Tab

The National Priorities Project’s Cost of War counter, which measures the flow of money Congress  appropriates for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, will reach the $1 trillion mark on May 30, the organization predicts

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Times Square Bomber Popped a Bubble

Bubbles are built on illusions. We believed that our high-tech companies and, after that, our houses would continue to rise in value and then…pop! We believed that we could continue offshore oil drilling without environmental consequences and then…pop! And we believed that the drone program in Pakistan, which expanded in 2009 and has killed hundreds of civilians, would not generate any blowback and then…Faisal Shahzad.

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No More Torture

The Guardian, a British newspaper, reports that former “senior officers” in the MI6–the UK’s version of the CIA–are now criticizing U.S. policies and officials for using torture.

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What If We’re Not So Angry?

aIt seems the more conservative you are, the more aggressive you want America to be with our nukes. If we’re angry loose cannons with an itchy finger on the button, the thinking seems to go, rogue countries will think long and hard about crossing us.

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