Matt Holland with True Majority and USAction writes, “That morsel at the end of your fork isn’t just food. It’s the product of fossil fuels, industrialized agriculture and chemical herbicides–all of which are destroying our environment and heating up the planet. In fact, food production counts for about 33 percent of ALL global warming pollution. And if we want to fix our planet and live healthier lives, we need to start by changing how we eat.”

True Majority has arranged for you to get a free copy of Anna Lappé’s new book, Diet for a Hot Planet:The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It, which explains what we can do about all that. She’s the host of MSN’s Practical Guide to Healthier Living and the PBS show The Endless Feast, as well as the daughter of Frances Moore Lappé, who turned millions of Americans into vegetarians when he wrote Diet for a Small Planet. Here’s how: The group has signed up with the Progressive Book Club, which offers the best in progressive literature at 10%-40% off list price and also gives money to TrueMajority every time you get a book. When you join the club you’ll receive Diet for a Hot Planet for free.

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